Vintage Door Chalkboard | Tutorial

flowers and board

I have a fondness for old doors.  I see so many different possibilities in each one I come across.  This particular door was quite a find.  One morning, while taking my girls to school, I noticed this door on the side of the road.  Of course, my head twisted all the way around as I tried to figure out if it was free or not!!  I dropped the girls off and came back.  The door was still there and the owner was out in her yard so I asked if it was up for grabs and luckily she said yes.  While I forced the big ole door into my tiny little car, she looked at me like I was insane!  Keep in mind, the door was missing glass in a few of the panes and she, unfortunately, could not see the beauty in it.  My gain!!!!

I brought the door home and it sat in my home for quite a while before I could decide exactly what I wanted to do with it. So many possibilities!!!!  I tried a few different looks with it, but nothing really stood out to me, then it hit me…I need a chalkboard and not just any chalkboard…I needed a weekly memory verse chalkboard for myself and my family.  Wheels started turning and within a few hours I was tearing the door apart, adding new pieces and finishing it up!!!

This was the door in its original glory: (warning—-these pictures include my very messy workshop 🙂  )


To get the door ready I had to break out the glass panes. I laid an old sheet down and wrapped it around the door so the glass would not fly everywhere and would also be an easy cleanup.  This was the fun part!  I took the hammer to each pane and knocked the glass clean out and then, with gloves on, pulled any pieces that were still in the panes out.


By this time, I was getting a little tired so I pulled the hubby in and had him remove all of the panes for me:


Once the panes were removed, my awesome hubby cut me a piece of plywood to fit inside the door where the panes used to be and added trim around the plywood.  Being the frugal female that I am, I used the wood from an old canvas to create the trim.  I had the hubby cut the pieces and fit them in like a puzzle:


I then painted the entire piece with my black chalk paint.  For this piece I used Maison Blanche – Wrought Iron for the base and the chalkboard area.  I then painted the door and trim with Maison Blance – Vanille.  After it all dried I distressed it to my liking ( I apologize this picture is blurry…I took these with my phone and thought it was clear – but you get the idea):


At this point I chose to add the words to the top of the chalkboard since this is a special board for weekly scripture memory for my family.  You could add your own spin to it or leave it blank.  After adding the words I finished off the door and trim with Maison Blanche Antique Wax, buffed it after it was dry and seasoned the chalk board with chalk:


After seasoning the chalk board I erased all of the excess and viola!!!!  The hubby helped me hang it with a special hanger for heavy artwork and the final result is:

chalk board living room2

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it will be helpful for you and your next vintage door project!!!! Please feel free to follow our blog for future DIY projects!!!!


SHABBY | Inspired One of A Kind



I apologize for not posting more often lately!!!  With the holidays and the painting orders I have been getting it has been pretty hectic!! The painting above was an original request for a wonderful client of mine.  She wanted an original painted that would match her color scheme.  I am proud to say it has fit beautifully in her home!!

This next painting is an original painted over the holidays that I absolutely love.  It is not spoken for, so if you are interested send me an email to let me know.  I also paint originals specific to your home color scheme!!  I can be reached at



I have to admit, I am a bit partial to this one.  It is one of my favorites!!!


Hoping you all have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year!! Look for more posts soon!!!


INSPIRATION | Shabby Chic Paintings

I have to say that I am truly inspired by impressionism.  They are beautiful and speak to my soul. Being an artist myself I find that I am drawn to art that is soft yet bold.  I love to paint what is in my own heart and mind and I see myself in her paintings.  The mixtures of hues in impressionistic paintings are perfection and they caught my eye the first time I saw them.  Yes, I believe I can say it was love at first sight!!

I have painted in many different styles and mediums and have yet to find what fits, until I tried impressionism after being inspired by impressionistic works of art.  I have fallen in love with painting so freely that my heart and soul flow onto the canvas in such a way that even I am surprised when I finish.  Each painting is a window into my soul and a direct expression of my feelings. I love them so much I just had to share.  These are two that I painted this past weekend…


I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!  I will be painting more as I can and will share with you as well!


Just might open an etsy store  for these!!!

RESTORED | Restoring a Kitchen Sink with Chalk Paint

I have a great love of old homes.  We recently moved into a great little home built in the 1930’s.  This home has the original farmhouse sink still in the kitchen.  I love this sink, but it was definitely beauty challenged!!  It looked like someone had painted the sink previously because paint was chipping off constantly.  The bottom of the sink was stained horribly and was just a huge eye sore!!  The DH and I are on a pretty strict budget and I really wanted to save the sink instead of replacing it.  Because I have several small children in the home I did not want to use anything that had heavy fumes as this great little home also has windows that are original and currently sealed shut by years of paint!!!  This morning, while I cleaned the sink an idea occurred to me.  I have made chalk paint in the past that paints pretty much everything so I figured why not try chalk paint on the sink!!! Worked like a charm!!!

I started by cleaning the sink really well and sanding any loose paint off.  Then I dried it and let it sit with a fan running on it to make sure it was completely dry.  I mixed 1/2 cup of nonsanded white grout with 2 cups of white paint.  This is more grout than I normally use but I wanted to make sure it bonded very well with the metal in the sink.  I painted the entire sink a total of four times, letting it dry completely between coats.

At this point I had a really white sink that was very porous!!!  To cut down on fumes I used an indoor/outdoor gloss enamel paint and painted four coats over the top of the grout paint letting it dry in between coats.  I sped up the drying process by using a high powered fan.  At this point the sink was nice and shiny with a good protected coating.  Being the OCD person that I am, I really wanted the sink shining by the time the DH came home so I added a layer of paste wax to the sink and boy did it shine!!!  i also waxed the silver water spout which cuts down on water spots!!!

Thats it!!  My farmhouse sink has been restored using chalk paint and enamel!!!!  I used it this evening with no problems!!!!  I think i will have to tackle that beauty challenged original tub next!!!

Simplicity | The Beauty of White Decor

Do you like white decor?  White is my favorite color. Well, white and blue. There is just something so crisp and clean about white decor.  I have small children and little grandbabies, but I don’t let that stop me!! After all, isn’t that what bleach, rags and a little elbow grease is for???  Check out these white decor ideas!!


An old chippy door draws attention to the handwritten / handpainted phrase on the wall and acts as a piece of art. Stacked dishes are ready to grab and go for an easy cottage style.

Slim Paley has some  amazing design ideas!!!! This photo in particular caught my eye though. There is something so beautiful about the white walls and floors.  The table and bench in white makes the room so crisp.  I’m in love with the old door and I love the folding chairs added to the table. Speaking of the table…I am loving the longer thinner table.   Why?  It’s all so simple!!! It’s clean.  It’s bright.  It’s totally me!

Check out her blog, so many inspirations!!!

And what about this all white room from The Beach Studios?  I could just sink in here and never leave!  All white walls and floors?? Amazing.

Minimalist Home Design also has some great decor ideas.  This was my favorite.  Hardwood floors and white decor…simple and beautiful!! The pink roses just make this one for me.  I love pink roses!!

This dining room over at Shabby Chic Blog has inspired me to build a white hutch and showcase my china!!!  Check out those wall sconces!!

Another favorite of mine is white with color accents.  This room over at the Decorologist combines all of my favorite elements: white, color, flowers and pieces of the ocean!!!  I could sit in this room with my teacups and relax for days!!!